Delivery driver tells customer their feet stink after dropping off takeaway


Whether you tried to ignore it or wrote a strongly-worded email complaining, we’ve all experienced bad customer service at some point or other

But one customer was left open-mouthed after an exchange with her delivery driver saw the employee label their feet stinky.

While most of us might not be so impressed, luckily the customer seemed to take it well after the employee apologised.

The exchange was shared on TikTok where it racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

It began with an automatic message – showing the customer’s food and asking them to pick it up from outside their door.

But the customer was amused to see that the photo included a photo of the employee’s feet – just what you want to see before eating.

In a jokey retaliation, the customer sent back a picture of their feet, which was automatically sent to the employee.

They replied: “They probably stink,” along with a vomit emoji. Not 10/10 customer service.

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The cheeky customer replied: “OMG I literally said the same thing about yours,” with a laughing emoji.

The baffled employee replied: “Wait what, I’m confused. I didn’t send anything who is this.”

The customer sent a zoomed-in shot of the photo the employee initially sent – which showed their feet.

Luckily, the penny dropped for the employee, who admitted they didn’t realise the customer had sent it.

They replied: “They sent you guys these pics?? I thought it was just for the app to prove we delivered your food.

“Sorry, I said your feet stink.”

The customer replied: “Hahaha I honestly thought you weren’t going to respond. It’s okay, it’s all joked ahaha.”

The mortified employee replied: “I”m glad you have the same sense of humor as me. Enjoy your food lmao.”

The exchange left people in stitches – as one person joked: “And that ladies is gents how they became best friends.”

Another wrote: “I can’t stop laughing at ‘they probably stink.'”