Mum baffled after son given Happy Meal with just a slice of cheese and ketchup


A mum ordered a Happy Meal for her hungry son – but he was served-up a slice of cheese with a dollop of tomato sauce.

Nicola Doherty requested the McDonald’s delivery on Sunday but the mix-up left the young lad upset and ravenous.

The parent from Grangemouth, Scotland, placed the burger and chips order for her seven-year-old’s lunch on UberEats.

But she was baffled when it arrived as she opened the box to spot the cheese slice and ketchup sitting there with no burger or bun, the Daily Record report.

Nicola says she spent ages trying to contact the company but she was eventually forced to go to the branch herself.

She explained: “My son only likes cheese and ketchup so when ordering, it asks you to remove what you don’t want.

“So I removed onions, mustard and lettuce, leaving the cheese and ketchup ticked. We order this all the time whether online, drive thru or in the restaurant.

“My husband and I were fuming because my wee boy had to wait while the rest of us ate. My son was upset.

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“When I called the branch, the manager said that he took the order himself and he asked Uber to phone and query it.

“No one phoned to query anything. He found the order to be strange. I asked him to send a replacement for my son to which he said he didn’t have the facilities to do so.”

The boy’s dad then handed over the cheese slice box and ‘told the manager to make good use of it’.

Nicola joked: “I’m expecting to see their updated menu soon which sells a box with a cheese slice and 4 squirts of ketchup.

“I can laugh now – it’s almost like you’re waiting for the punchline.”