‘I changed my baby name for my sister but now she’s demanding I change it again’


When it comes to siblings, things can sometimes get tricky – especially when one wants something the other has.

And while most adults can solve their problems in a mature and respectful manner, there are still some who don’t like not getting their way and it can end badly.

One woman claims to be experiencing this right now and took to Reddit to share her frustration with her sister after an argument.

The unnamed woman is currently pregnant and posted on the Am I The A**hole forum to say that her sister keeps expecting her to change her baby’s name, so that she can have it instead.

Using fake names in her post, the mum-to-be wrote: “AITA for not changing my baby’s name AGAIN after I changed it for my sister once already?

“I have a nine-year-old daughter, and another on the way. I had two grandmothers Annie and Rose. I named my oldest Annabelle, after nanny Annie, whose full name was also Annabelle.

“I did not name her after nana Rose as at the time she was born, nana Rose was still with us. When I found out I was pregnant with a second, I decided to name her after nana Rose, who passed in 2017.

“My sister, Lucy got pregnant about five months before me. She says that she wants to name her baby Rose, after nana Rose. I say our kids can share the name.

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“She says I already have Annabelle, and I could have named her Annabelle Rose or something but passed up the chance, so I can’t also have Rose. I figure this is not the hill to die on, so I say I’ll look for something else, but reserve the right to use Rose.

“I then crack open a baby book, and a few entries after Rose is Rosalie. It’s perfect. Honours nana Rose, doesn’t p**s off Lucy, and my boyfriend loves it. Lucy finds out the new name and says it’s lovely and she approves, which annoys me but I say nothing.”

The woman continues to say that a few months later, Lucy has her baby, a little girl, and announces she will be called Rosalie.

“I’m really annoyed,” the other woman admits. “I went to great lengths to leave the name Rose available and she’s nicked my choice.

“Mum calls me to say she knew what Lucy was planning and she hopes I’m not upset, because this means I can now name my incoming daughter Rose. Except I’m now attached to Rosalie.

“I tell mum that I’m sticking with Rosalie. She says Lucy has Rosalie, I say there’s going to be two Rosalies in the family. She says this is impractical as both Rosalies will have the same surname (sister is a single mum, boyfriend is taking my name) and they will likely be in the same school and year group, so this will cause all manner of issues. I say if it’s going to be an issue, then I’ll deal with it if/when it comes up.”

She goes on to say that Lucy called her up and branded her “inconsiderate” and “petty” for also wanting to use the name Rosalie and insists that her sister should change the name.

She refuses to budge, telling Lucy if she has a problem with it, she should be the one to change her daughter’s name this time.

“She again called me an inconsiderate, spiteful, a**e, and hung up. Mum, dad, and our brother all side with Lucy,” she added.

More than 2,000 people responded to the post, with many agreeing Lucy was in the wrong, but some thought both the sisters “sucked”.

One person said: “Your sister is an AH as is your mother for enabling her. That being said, the so-called issues of sharing a name aren’t real because you can just make sure to use another middle name you like that doesn’t match Rosalie 1.”

Another wrote: “You and your sister are acting like children. I find it hard to believe that you all are adults having kids.”

A third replied: “It’s odd, every time I read posts like this it always seems like the actual children involved are an afterthought. My mother started a naming trend with me in my family and my aunt took it and ran. I always felt bad for my cousins because I was the eldest and first so everything they did was after me and I was always brought up in school and sports when teachers and coaches connected the dots. It’s always more than a name.”

A different user added: “Can’t believe I had to scroll down this far to find it. Ffs, you’ve honoured one grandmother, she wants to honour the other. It’s sharing, like Day 2 kindergarten stuff. Your sister sucks just as bad, but you’re both being petty.”