Repair shop finds pleading note and cash bribe hidden inside broken iPhone


A worker at a technology repair shop claims to have found a note hidden inside an iPhone with a very unusual request.

The video shared to TikTok shows a phone appearing to have a broken screen with colourful horizontal lines running from top to bottom, and a noticeable crack rising up from the bottom right hand corner.

When the phone is opened up, it shows that a handwritten message and cash have been left inside for the repair shop to find.

But rather than asking staff to get the job done quickly, or rescue much needed files on the phone, the desperate plea does the opposite.

It reads: “Please don’t fix my phone! My wife is gonna kill me. Keep the $200 for you. Thanks.”

Although there’s no clear indication as to what the customer wants to keep hidden from their other half, the video is captioned: “I love when customers cheat on their girlfriends.”

It adds: “Guys, don’t drink too much on Saturday nights” as well as a hashtag reading ‘cheater’.

The video has racked up a staggering 12.3 million views, more than 1.6 million likes and almost 10,000 comments as people were left divided by the request.

One said: “Nah fix that phone, they deserve what’s coming” and a second wrote: “Expose him.”

A third suggested: “Take the money, fix it, make more money when you show the wife the note.”

But others were more forgiving, as one advised: “You should fix it, and wipe all the bad stuff off and give it back.”

A second commented: “Simply fix it and restart it so the customer can get his phone and his girlfriend won’t notice anything.”

And someone else encouraged him to stick to ‘bro code’, writing: “Don’t fix it, man’s honour.”