Farmer claims we’ve been storing our eggs the ‘wrong’ way in the fridge


These days it seems we’re constantly having our minds blown by discoveries we make on TikTok.

There’s pretty much a video featuring a life hack for everything – from how to hang up the phone without seeming rude and how to get scratches out of hardwood flooring.

Most recently we have learned that we’ve actually been storing our eggs the ‘wrong’ way.

This is according to Noah Young, who owns and runs The Shiloh Farm in Nebraska alongside his family.

In a post on TikTok, Noah shared the best way to store eggs – and claimed the ‘pointy’ bit of the egg should actually be at the bottom.

He said: “Did you know you’ve been storing your eggs all wrong? Let me explain.

“First things first, every egg has a pointy end and a blunt end and that blunt end actually has something called an air cell and this air cell actually acts as a buffer, keeping bacteria, such as Salmonella, away from the yolk.

“If you store your eggs with the blunt side down, that air cell will eventually start to lift up with gravity, bringing the bacteria closer to the yolk.

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“If you keep it pointy side down, that air sac will actually stay right at the top, and keep your egg fresh for longer.

“I hope that helps.”

Noah’s video went viral, being watched two million times and garnering over 149,000 likes.

Many people also took the time to comment on the clip, with one person saying: “TikTok has shown me I do virtually everything wrong.”

Another wrote: “Eggcelent tip.”

A third replied: “I’m going to flip mine around right now.”

“Great info thank you,” added someone else.

A different user added: “At this point, I don’t think I’m breathing right.”